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The Cutest Cabins to Rent in Ontario!

Summer in Ontario is all about spending time in the great outdoors. But if you’re like me, and don’t do camping… you may be a little discouraged to plan a weekend out in the wilderness. However, after scouring across Airbnb in the search to find a quick little weekend getaway that didn’t involve pitching a tent, I was delighted to find so many cute places to stay that were the perfect alternatives!

So here is my list of the cutest cabins to rent on AirBnb that I wanted to share! So far I’ve only been to one, but I can’t wait to stay at the rest!

Log Cabin on the Lake

Photo by Stephen, AirBnB

This super cute log cabin is located in Gravenhurst. Overlooking the lake, it has all the amenities you will need for the perfect little getaway (including an indoor sauna!). Check out this Airbnb here for more info.

Finch Ridge Eco-Nest

Photo by Whitney Heard, AirBnB

Located in Gananouque, this eco-nest is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to get reconnected with nature. With no running water or electricity, guests will experience complete solitude by being surrounded by everything that nature has to offer. Get more info here if you’re interested in spending quality time off-the-grid!

The Boathouse

Photo by Cindy, Airbnb

About 4.5 hours north-east of Toronto, near Golden Lake, you will find the most adorable little boathouse. Although it’s not really a cabin, I still had to add it to my list. With beautiful scenery and a lakeshore view, you will experience a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere and get to enjoy the beauty that this boathouse has to offer. Also how cute is that red telephone booth? The decor and style of this little boathouse makes the experience even that much better. If you think you’d like to spend a night or two here (who wouldn’t?!) then go check it out here!

Cabin on Private Lake

Photo by Peter, Airbnb

Cabin on a private lake. Need I say more? This quaint, remote cabin is located in Restoule and offers all the activities to make for a fun-filled stay. Kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing and skiing are just some of the activities that you can do. See here if you are ready to book your next perfect little getaway!

Floating Panoramic Wine Barrel Cabin

Photo by Journey, Airbnb

When I came across this Airbnb I instantly fell in love! How cute is this little cabin?! I’ve never seen anything like this before. Located in Essex county, this floating wine barrel offers the most unique experience ever. And bonus – this floating cabin is situated minutes away from local wineries! Check it out here!

Cozy Wakefield Cabin

Photo by Nicolas, AirBnB

How beautiful is this cabin? Located in Wakefield, this modernized cabin has all the bells and whistles to make sure you have the most enjoyable stay ever (it even has a soda stream!). However, don’t expect any TV or WIFI, as this cabin still holds true to the cabin life of embracing the good ‘ole outdoors. Check out more of this gorgeous cabin here.

Raðljóst: An 1850’s Log Cabin in the Woods

Photo by Katrine, AirBnB

If you are really looking to experience the great outdoors, then look no further! This rustic cabin is surrounded by woods and is close to Algonquin. With no running water, you will have to be prepared to spend your getaway a little more ruggid. However, the payoff is worth it as you will be surrounded by the sound of nature in the depths of the woods and left to relax and unwind in the wilderness. Check it out here!

Nature’s Harmony – Shamayim Cabin

Nature’s Harmony is located right above Algonquin Park in a town called Mattawan. Recently Joel and I spent two nights here in the Shamayim Cabin where we were forced to be away from our electronics (no service out here!) and electricity. Needless to say, it put our relationship to the test! Luckily, we survived and managed to keep ourselves entertained with campfires, board games, and smores. We even ventured onto the lake by canoe (after having an almost near-death experience being attacked by mosquitoes). It was totally off-the-grid, tucked away into the wilderness and was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life back home. And of course you are provided with all the essentials, such as jugs of water, basic kitchen necessities, a BBQ and an indoor compost toilet (an experience all of its own). If you’re interested in spending a night or two here, check out the listing on AirBnB.

If you want to switch it up and stay in something different, Nature’s Harmony also offers a yurt and a glamping tent. We opted to spend one night in the glamping tent and we were pleasantly surprised! It’s fully equipped with all the basic amenities so you can enjoy a night in the great outdoors without the hassle of pitching a tent! Check it out here for more info!

So there you have it! Some of Ontario’s cutest cabins I’ve found on AirBnb. Comment down below if you decide to stay at one of these! I’d also love to know about other cabins to check out so let me know your top picks!

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