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Spice Drawer Organization

A beautifully organized spice drawer can be so pleasing to look it, right? I get so much satisfaction whenever I open my spice drawer and see the matching labels and jars keeping everything nice and organized (and even more with that fact that these little glass jars fit perfectly into this drawer nice and snug – eek)!

Organizing spices can be a daunting task, especially if you have various brands of spices, as they all have their own different shapes and sizes of containers and baggies. And depending on how much you like to cook, you may have tons of spices taking up space in your cupboard or drawer which can look and feel very cluttered and overwhelming.

However, organizing your spices and herbs is much easier and cheaper than you think. I used dollar store glass jars and labels that I made myself to create a functional and organized system. Plus I’ve included a copy of the labels I made for you to use for free!

This was my drawer before… yours may look similar to this – and that’s okay! It will soon look more organized with a little bit of help. And once you see how much better having an organized spice drawer is, I think you’ll want to plan a spice drawer makeover right away!

For printing the labels, I used the Avery Sticker Project Paper – full sheet. You can find this a Staples (in Canada) or Amazon, and I’m sure Walmart would carry it too.

I got the little glass jars from Dollarama (if you’re from the USA, I’m sure Dollar Tree would have something similar). IKEA also sells similar spice jars, however the lids are slightly different, but would still work well for this project. These jars can sit tilted or flat, depending on your preference. I prefer them to sit flat. I would buy more jars than you think you need, as you’re likely to buy more spices down the road, or spices you may not normally cook with.

I also added a pretty drawer liner that I got from Walmart.

You’ll be happy to know that I am sharing the labels with you so you don’t have worry about making your own! I’ve hopefully included all the most common spices and herbs, but if there are any not included feel free to comment down below and I can add more to the print-out!

Click the image to open a PDF file.

Remember to try a test sheet of paper before using the sticker paper! Also, make sure to use the highest quality setting on your printer.

I hope you enjoyed this little organizational post! Tell me – what would you like to see organized next?

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