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Makeover on a Budget: Design Plans for an Ensuite Bathroom

Since moving into our house, updating our cheater ensuite bathroom has been something I have been dreaming about doing (dreaming being the keyword). A complete reno is not in the budget this year, or for the next few unfortunately, however that can’t stop me from putting together some ideas to try and update our bathroom on a budget!

This summer I am making an effort to update our bathroom with a few new touches and some serious DIYing. I’m hoping to work away on certain projects one at a time, and *fingers crossed* it all turns out! I will of course be blogging about each project and sharing it all with you so you can follow along. To help give a visual of my overall plans, I put together a design board.

A summary of my plans:

  • stencil the linoleum floor (I’ve seen quite a few blog posts on this method. See here and here. I’m thinking this could either go super well, or super bad and not going to lie, a little nervous to do this!)
  • update the outdated green vanity countertop with a paint kit (this one seems to have good reviews!) – DONE
  • update the finishes and handles with brushed or satin nickel (I may spray paint these instead) – DONE
  • frame the mirror (Pinterest has lots of blog posts on how to do this, like here and here)
  • update the light fixture (or again, I may spray paint)
  • repaint the walls

Before we get started, here’s a look at the “before”. (Speaking about getting started… I’ve yet to actually plan on when I’m going to start tackling these projects so hopefully this I get to it sooner than later!)

Right away you’re greeted with a “lovely” green vanity countertop. Honestly, if this countertop wasn’t green, this bathroom wouldn’t be so bad to update.

Despite the flooring and outdated fixtures, and of course that green countertop, the bathroom is actually a great space. It has plenty of room and is quite functional. The best part is that behind those folded doors is our washer and dryer which makes doing laundry a little less of a hassle.

Here’s a good shot of the vanity. It’s very spacious, but I’d love to completely rip it out and replace it with a double sink and a granite or marble countertop, but that’s not happening any time soon. I was also contemplating possibly painting the vanity (and maybe I will!), however I think the white will work once the countertop and hardware are updated.

A close up of the green counter – ahhh!

Of course Marty needs to be involved in all the action!

I want to add some shelving above the toilet and update those old handles with a new finish!

So there you have it! My bathroom in its current state, which is not awful but not something I’m in love with, plus my ideas on how I plan to transform this space on a budget! Stay tuned for when I actually decide to tackle these projects, and of course… wish me luck!

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