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DIY Dollarstore Fall Centrepiece

Fall is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited! Fall is by far one of my favourite seasons to decorate for. With blogs and Pinterest swarming with fall decor and DIYs, I’ve been getting so inspired to start decorating. In fact, I already feel so behind! While trying to decorate for the season I also like to try and stay on budget. Centrepieces don’t have to cost a ton of money if you’re willing spend a bit of time on making one yourself, so go hit up your local dollarstore and see what you can find! Here is my simple, budget-friendly centrepiece for fall that I put together for only around $5!

What you’ll need:

  • Artificial greenery
  • various sizes of pumpkins
  • Scissors to trim the greenery
  • Basket – I got mine from a thrift store

That’s it! This will be so easy!

Step one: Trim your greenery/flowers to the length of your basket, overhanging slightly.

Step two: Place the larger pumpkins in the basket, followed by the smaller ones. It’s always easier to start with the larger items and work your way to the smaller ones. Then add you filler items. There really is no rhyme or reason to doing this. Just toss them in there and make sure they are somewhat evenly spread out.

There you have it! I promised it was super easy. Simple, yet adds the perfect festive touch to your dining room table. The key thing is to just use what you have and buy affordable items. You don’t need to have a large or expensive centrepiece to make a statement. In fact, I like the more subtle centrepieces as they are more practical. So many centrepieces tower over, leaving so little room to put food on the table and making it near impossible to see the person across from you!

If you liked my simple and affordable dollar store DIY fall centrepiece, make sure to pin the image below!

Happy decorating!

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